Cool Bedroom Ideas For An Adult Male With A Unique Shape

Cool bedroom ideas usually synonymous with adults. Then an idea how cool bedroom for a grown man? Usually they will choose the motive childish, for example for the beds they usually use a single bed with a painting figures or anything that is placed on the upper wall of their bed. For a layer under the bed, they usually add a dark colored carpet that is wide enough to exceed the size of the bed. This carpet will be very useful if they bring a friend to stay together. On one side of the bed they are large windows for them to be able to breathe fresh air.

Cool bedroom ideas with two floors

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There is a unique idea for bedrooms men, they can make the room as if it has 2 floors, the upper and lower floors are not too high. Downstairs, they put a bed double bed complete with wardrobe upper floor height limit, then the table next to a light sleeper bed. On the floor above, they usually put a small table and sofa where they bring friends their men to talk while eating, drinking, smoking, and play. On the 2nd floor can also put a television complete with DVD and others. Essentially two floors has two different functions in one room.

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Modification of the bedrooms are cool

Other modifications are no less cool is if you have a room that is located in the attic of the rest of your home. The place looks terrible indeed, but the room can be your magic into the bedroom cool with modifications here and there. You can put the bed right next to the attic window, so you can enjoy the night air is very fresh. You can also add some pieces to decorate your curtain to be more visible crowded and not creepy.