Eclectic Decor Style And Use

Eclectic decor is suitable for advanced taste and sill in combining items for decoration. Eclectic idea of decoration is used when people want to personalize the impression their room. In this attempt people will use any kind of decoration items that they think suitable for room decoration. The personalized theme will yield something that most people never seen before. It is a good way to spend your time and experiment on your taste of room decoration.

Eclectic Decor Combinations

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There are several styles that you will apply to create eclectic decoration. You can use vintage and cozy combination since they give similar impression and intended to give the same feeling. The similarity of impression and feeling toward some decoration is used to make your decoration related to each other. You should be sure that the similarity is obvious so people wouldn’t be confused about it.

Placement Style for Eclectic Decoration

You can map your room and assign certain theme to certain part. This idea is possible if you have huge room. There are several part of your room depends on how you want to divide it. There is the center, the wall, the corners, spot around window and doorway, and fireplace. You can use different style for each part without obstructing general appearance of your room.

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