Smokey Mountain Boys

Smokey Mountain Boys


Who’s Who


Atticus Altizer – Banjo

Atticus, a.k.a Alan, was born into this godforsaken world pluckin’ a Banjo. Throughout his four score years and ten he’s become a master of the art.
His passion for Bluegrass knows no bounds and Atticus believes his one mission in life is to spread the holy, (whichever lord you prey to) universally loved, soul saving sound of the Appalachian Mountains.
His Favourite quote: “If your grass ain’t blue, you’s using the wrong type of lawnmower”

Clayton Vipperman – Fiddle & Guitar

Clayton, a.k.a Martin, is known as the Smokies gentle giant. This quietly spoken man is not only a musical maestro on the Guitar, Fiddle AND Mandolin but also 7 times Tri-State naked Bear wrestling champion.
When not chopping down trees he’s to be found in his shack turning those trees into some of the finest musical instruments known to man.
Favourite Quote: “I once had me a cow….. but never had me a sheep”




Zedikiah Castellaw – Guitar

Zedikiah Castellaw, a.k.a Stu, but referred to as “Billy-Bob” by his closest close friends, is a genuine man of mystery. He wondered into our hometown 13 years ago a total amnesiac, only able to recall his name & shirt size. The Smokies took the poor Hobo under their collective wing and nurtured his gift for guitar playing which incidentally he discovered by total accident when falling through the window of Claytons shack one moonshine riddled night. Don’t be fooled by his genteel nature & sweet smile, when he’s riled he’s meaner than a Raccoon in a butter churn.
Favourite Quote: “Gosh Dang Darn It”

Lyle Bandy – Bass Guitar

Lyle, a.k.a Stu, loves nothin better than snugglin up to his beautiful upright Bass which he’s had since he was 6. He won the instrument at the State Fair on account of his uncanny ability to balance a Possum on his forehead while reciting ‘Yellow Rose Of Texas’ backwards. Since that tender age his simple minded dream has been that shared by the other Smokies, that being, to spread the spiritual & mental healing powers of Bluegrass to a world in dire need of some lovin’.




Riley Johnson – Mandolin

Now Riley, a.k.a Odinn, here is the babe of the bunch but don’t let his appearance fool you. This lads got more talent in his little finger than most of those self-obsessed, big city, pop star folks have got in their entire wardrobe. They could do much worse than to sit by his feet to watch & learn from a genuine oasis of talent in today’s desert of musical mediocrity. To Riley Bluegrass ain’t some kind of ‘genre’ to be pigeon holed by, it’s a way of life and he’s up for livin’ it in the right here & now.
Favourite Quote: “Jeeze, Is you’s gonna shoot that thang or not?”

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