The Greens

The Greens

The Greens are a visually stunning musical statue/walkabout theatre act

Combining Folk music, elaborate make- up, interac ve performance and lots of energy, The Greens are a must for 2016 fes vals!

Inspired by the symbol of nature; The Green Man of English folklore, The Greens are elaborately painted in shades of green with mo fs of seasonal plants on their hands and faces. The Greens are dressed from head to toe in Victorian style garb with seasonal foliage burs ng from every pocket and bu onhole.

The Greens are a able, interac ve and engaging and play folk tunes and seasonal music while gree ng the public.

The Greens will enhance the atmosphere of any event and always make a memorable, quirky photo opportunity.

This jolly act is the perfect celebra on of spring, summer, autumn or winter. As the seasons change so do The Greens; each days performance is customised to match the greenery of the season.

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