Laura Salmon

Laura Salmon & Alice Wall


We have a treasure trove of tales and tunes from Cornwall and all around the world, to suit any theme you are working with. We invite your group to join in with percussion, song or rhyme, becoming story characters, making the sound of the whistling wind or crashing waves.  We can make instruments, puppets, craft, even devise new stories or music together.  It is a fun way to support various areas of learning, including literacy, speaking and listening.


The Greens

The Greens

The Greens are a visually stunning musical statue/walkabout theatre act

Combining Folk music, elaborate make- up, interac ve performance and lots of energy, The Greens are a must for 2016 fes vals!

Inspired by the symbol of nature; The Green Man of English folklore, The Greens are elaborately painted in shades of green with mo fs of seasonal plants on their hands and faces. The Greens are dressed from head to toe in Victorian style garb with seasonal foliage burs ng from every pocket and bu onhole.

The Greens are a able, interac ve and engaging and play folk tunes and seasonal music while gree ng the public.

The Greens will enhance the atmosphere of any event and always make a memorable, quirky photo opportunity.

This jolly act is the perfect celebra on of spring, summer, autumn or winter. As the seasons change so do The Greens; each days performance is customised to match the greenery of the season.

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Hotch Potch

Hotch Potch

Based in Cornwall in the UK. Hotch Potch Performance was first founded in 2010 by Ross, Laura & Eve who were all in the first cohort of the first Street Arts Honours Degree in Europe, if not the world.



Ross Started out with a strong background in circus arts, movement, percussion and visual arts. Now a strong performer and performance maker with a passion for working in education and the community, Ross is also the Project Director of The Crooked Thicket Project. Other specific specialities include fire spinning, stilt dancing,  animations and walkabout.

Find out more history from Ross and Hotch Potch’s online Portfolios

Hotch Potch are a UK performance company based in Cornwall specialising in Outdoor Arts and Street Theatre. Using elements of music, comedy, physical theatre and circus we create highly visual works engaging with audiences universally.
Find out more About the company or see our Performances.



Squashbox Theatre


The Sea Show is a quirky and hilarious mix of puppet show, natural history and comedy cabaret.

Meet crazy characters like Morwenna the ‘beautiful’ mermaid, Ruan the reformed seagull and salty seadog Captain Pemburthy, as well as a cast of mischievous sea-squirts, anemones, limpets, crabs and pilchards.

 Come and celebrate the sea with tall tales, silly slapstick, fantastic facts, live music and songs – unmissable fun for children and adults of all ages!

I have been performing The Sea Show for several years, and it has become a firm favourite with children and adults of all ages, who love the blend of ingenious puppetry, informal performance style and gently subversive sense of humour!